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Danne Spa Body Treatments

The Danne Spa Body Treatment as seen on the Lorraine Kelly Show on GMTV.

Dr Danne Montague-King has developed Spa Body Therapy System, a combination of body treatments, products and advanced procedures that will allow this clinic to offer unique and effective body treatments. It provides the professional therapist with the tools to achieve amazing results on the body. Feel good treatments are no longer enough; in this day and age clients are looking for real solutions to skin and body problems.

Danne skin revision treatment

Medical And Cosmetic Body Treatments

The Danne Montague-King concepts and systems of skin revision have won him international recognition and endorsement by the medical profession. His botanical science is based on a foundation of reliable scientific research, with a worldwide team of medical experts endorsing and supporting the Danne Concepts.

Treatments Available:
•  Danne Body Sculpting Treatment.
•  Body Detox.
•  Body Forming.
•  Danne Hand Lift Treatment.
•  Danne Foot Treatment (for callous and hard skin).
•  Danne Plasmatic Breast Treatment.
•  Danne Buttock Lift.
•  Danne Pigmentation Treatment.
•  Danne Acne Treatment.

Danne Spa body treatment

Results of the Danne Spa Body Treatment:

This revolutionary body treatment tones, firms, smooths, softens and detoxifies.
•  Thermal effect - increase blood circulation under skin.
•  Flushes out toxins and impurities.
•  Softens fat cell walls and allows them to contract.

remove ........rebuild ........protect ........maintain



Spa Body Therapy Wrap, Body Sculpting, Body Detoxification, Ageing Hand Lift Treatment, Foot Callous Treatment, Buttock Lift, Pigmentation Treatment, Acne Correction.

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