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Acne Solution (

Danne Skin Revision – Acne & Anti-Ageing Treatment

Effective Acne Treatment

Acne results from a skin imbalance causing a build up of dead skin cells and natural oil sticking together to block the pores. The acne bacteria feed from this mixture, which then become inflamed.

Since the cause of the problem lies below the skin's surface, surface cleansing products are ineffective.

Danne skin revision treatment before Danne skin revision treatment after

How the Danne Process Cures the Acne

The Danne process involves:-
•  Removal of build up and debrisfrom the skin.
•  Release and removal of impactation and infection.
•  Application of acne healing and control additives.
•  Enzyme treatment to improve skin functioning, expel toxins and encourage the growth of stronger, healthier tissue.
•  Application of hydrating gel or lymph drainage.



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