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Bio-Oxygen Gold Facial Treatment

Breathe new life into your skin with the no-needle oxygen injection.

Bio-Oxygen Gold Facial Treatment

The Bio-Oxygen Facial gently pushes oxygen and high performance cosmetic formulations deep into the skin via a no needle injection (pressurised jet of oxygen). They travel through the interstices between the cells of the epidermis (biomatrix) down to the deepest layers of the skin where they can achieve the desired effect.

During your consultation, your therapist will develop a programme based upon your age, skin type, specific concerns and realistic expectations. Sessions will last between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

A course of treatment is followed up with a maintenance session every 3 months to maintain your enhanced, refreshed appearance. Your therapist will prescribe your home care regime to further enhance and maintain your results.

The Bio-Oxygen advanced facial rejuvenation technology product line includes natural ingredients to promote tissue regeneration, essential protection from environmental hazards and intense hydration vital for radiant skin.

The Treatment Benefits

Bio-Oxygen provides safe and effective no-needle oxygen therapy treatments for:-

•  Fine lines and wrinkles.
•  Sun damaged skin.
•  Smokers skin.
•  Acne.
•  Pigmentation.
•  Loss of skin elasticity.





Skin Resurfacing, Rejuvenation, Facial Lines, Wrinkles, Ageing, Acne Scarring Treatment, Stretch Marks Improvement, Skin Pigmentation, Sun Damaged Skin, Smokers Skin.

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