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Laser Treatments Are the New Millennium's Answer to Non-Surgical Face Lifts!

Many people experience sagging skin from rapid weight loss, while others experience wrinkles from the aging process. Lasers are now being used to combat both of these issues with phenomenal results. Women today are finding that laser treatments are a much more cost effective and pain free alternative to cosmetic surgery.

Lasers Explained

Today we are going to take a look at two different types of lasers, the IPL laser and the Bufflight Erazor. Both are highly effective but used for two distinctly different purposes.

The IPL laser is administered by a registered nurse and is used primarily for hair removal. A colored beam of light is directed onto the skin and is absorbed into the body and down to the root of the hair follicle. The hair follicle root is disturbed to the point that it will not grow again for a considerable amount of time, if ever. Lasers work on pigmented tissue so it works best on darker hair. This system is very safe to use as no other skin cells will be affected. This is a fantastic option for people who are looking for a more permanent solution for hair removal.

The Bufflight Erazor creates a thermal effect that helps promote your skins own collagen production. Skin treated by the Bufflight Erazor has been found to produce increased levels of collagen for up to two years. Producing greater amounts of collagen softens fine lines, improves the appearance of acne scars, reduces pore size, enhances product delivery, smoothes the texture of skin, and reduces puffiness of face and neck.

This procedure also opens clogged pores and reduces bacteria concentration therefore producing dramatic, almost immediate results for skin with acne. The Bufflight Erazor Y-beam laser is covered, not exposed, therefore, it is one of the few laser treatments that can actually be used around the eye area, eliminating signs of aging.

Other benefits resulting from Bufflight Erazor treatments include improving the appearance of acne-rosacea, deep lines and wrinkles (with multiple treatments), lightening of dark spots and tightening/firming the skin. The Bufflight Erazor coolant system enables adjustments to each client's comfort level. There is also virtually no pain or discomfort following treatment making for a true lunch-time procedure. To achieve maximum results, six to ten treatments are recommended.

Melanie Vasseur is a chemist, esthetician and the founder of Vasseur Skincare. For more skin care tips and information, visit Vasseur Skincare at (619-236-9095)

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